Thursday, 25 August 2016

Future plan? The first big meeting with Plymouth Brain People.

We set off early for the 10.30 appointment with Plymouth/ Deriford Hospital brain surgeons. Truro have stepped away from the deal saying that this is all beyond what they can can do, but are still sitting there in support. The hour long trip has us thinking "what next?", " what's possible", " what do they have up their sleeve?".
We get into the meeting room with a single surgeon. Relaxed young guy who introduces himself and we all sit down. Looking though the most recent scan he shows the location of the new tumour on the left side of my brain and the possibilities of surgical removal. Surgery is possible from what he can see, but he's quick to lay out the serious risks which include loss of speech snd control of the right side of the body. He runs a few basic physical tests on my sight, strength and co-ordination. All seem pretty good.
While he confirms that the "Primary" area where my Cancer started 5 years ago was is very clear and healthy looking the new finding suggest that the Cancer is now in my blood and moving around my body. This suggests that the Cancer may well be developing elsewhere (lungs, liver etc), so will have to be checked with a full body scan. Only when this is analysed can a serious decision be made on how this can be takled. There were was suggested use of chemo, Radio and surgery depending on what the information the scan gives.
So... until we have the new scan that it for now. It was good to meet this person, he was very confident and relaxed which made him easy to communicate with. We drove home just thinking quietly about what had just happened. Perhaps I expected too much in a full battle plan, but a least things are moving. Just looking forward to the kids getting back from their day trip so going to rest up till then and try to keep this out of my mind for a while.

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  1. Keep battling all of you - you're in our thoughts all the time - since am off Facebook now, can only keep up to date here so very grateful for your blog xxxxxxx